We are looking for people who share our passion for solving human problems ​

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Who We Are

About IGS

IGS (Integral Geometry Science) is currently conducting R&D and is in the process of commercializing a technology for capturing a hidden world that nobody has yet witnessed. To capture images of the unknown, we need to send waves from the outside world, observe the resulting ripples that repeatedly bounce back inside and leak back out into the outside world, and accordingly create images. This process is called the inverse problem of wave scattering, and it has remained an extremely difficult problem remaining unsolved throughout the history of applied mathematics. However, Professor Kenjiro Kimura and Professor Noriaki Kimura first succeeded in solving this problem in 2012, and their “Inverse Scattering Problem Solution and Imaging Method” has been recognized and patented in Japan, the US, China, Europe, and many other countries. In 2012, IGS was established to implement these research results in the society. The company also engages in R&D and the practical application of a fluoroscopic technology at the research base it has established in the Incubation Center of Kobe University.​

Driven By Our Mission

As a startup team,
we are looking for people who can venture
into uncharted territory with passion

What IGS aims to achieve​

IGS, with mathematical theory at its core, aims to bring about innovation to observation, as “mother of science,” and to solve the problems of humanity by elucidating the “essence” of the structures and phenomena of the natural world that currently remain unresolved, thus providing a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of the world in which we exist.​

Values of IGS​

IGS aims to solve “human challenges” in the next 1000 years. The attitude of opting for a patient approach to facilitate saving of lives and helping others is a value shared by IGS. We are looking for people who can continue to feel a sense of mission in their work and deliver results.​