Head of Research and Development

What You Will Do​
  • Formulation of an R&D strategy for the microwave mammography / lithium-ion battery inspection system business/KGI and KPI-based strategy monitoring​
  • Progress/performance management of government projects​
  • Planning and formulation of new R&D projects that use the advantages of the multiple path scattering field theory, our core technology​
  • Creating alliance opportunities through regular communication with business partners​
  • Formation of a personnel organization culture, including a human resources evaluation system​
Sourcing Points​
  • R&D-type startups​
  • Major manufacturers (medical devices, industrial robots, inspection devices)​
Skills Required
  • Management skills in R&D strategy formulation and setting up of organizations​
  • Microwave Mammography/Global R&D for Lithium-Ion Battery Inspection System Business/Patent Acquisition Strategies/Knowledge of Regulatory Trends​
  • Ability to forge relationships with overseas KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and R&D for remote customers/quality management representatives, etc.​
  • Ability to explain R&D strategies to investors​
  • Sufficient English language proficiency to prepare materials for academic meetings overseas/presentations​
Experience Required
  • PhD (physics/chemistry/electrical engineering/life sciences/medicine, etc.) from a graduate school in Japan or overseas​
  • Experience at an R&D startup or a major manufacturer in starting, or experience in expanding an R&D team and working as a management lead​
  • Experience with communications in the R&D field for KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and investors​
Qualities of Desired Candidate​
  • Resolution of global social issues by leveraging our unparalleled technological capabilities in science and technology
    - Lead the planning of research and development strategies to facilitate commercialization of IGS’s revolutionary technology​
  • Must enjoy change and proactively act on their own initiative
    - Carry out the management of research and development while maintaining flexibly to respond to market and technological changes​
  • Develop an organization based on excellent leadership
    - Lead organization building for the growth of unique researchers/science talent and organizations​