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About IGS

Integral Geometry Science Ltd. (IGS) is currently conducting R&D and is working toward commercializing a technology for capturing a hidden world that nobody has yet witnessed. To capture images of the unknown, we need to send waves from the outside world, observe the resulting ripples that repeatedly bounce back inside and leak back out into the outside world, and accordingly create images. This process is called the inverse problem of wave scattering, and it has been an extremely difficult problem that has remained unsolved throughout the history of applied mathematics. Professor Kenjiro Kimura and Professor Noriaki Kimura first succeeded in solving this problem in 2012, and their “Inverse Scattering Problem Solution and Imaging Method” has been recognized and patented in Japan, the U.S., China, Europe, and many other countries. In 2012, IGS was established to implement these research results in the society. The company is also engaged in R&D and practical application of fluoroscopic technology at the research base it has established in the Incubation Center of Kobe University.

Cancer cells visualized using IGS’s proprietary technology
Mission & Vision

Overcoming humanity's challenges with technology that reveals the unseen

The phrase “reveals the unseen” refers to shedding light on an unknown world. We aim to elucidate the “essence” of structures and phenomena of the natural world that are yet to be understood, thereby deepening our understanding of the mechanisms of the world in which we live. We can without exaggeration say that the mathematical equations we have derived (scattered field equations) govern all wave scattering phenomena, and that the fields of application for the theory are limitless. We shall continue to promote R&D and business, focusing our efforts on overcoming “human challenges,” saving lives, and helping others.


Experts in applied mathematics and device technology

Kenjiro Kimura

Kenjiro Kimura succeeded, over a period of ten years, in solving the world’s first inverse problem of wave scattering, which had been an unsolved problem in the history of applied mathematics. This has allowed for instantaneous reconstruction of the three-dimensional structure of an object via scattered wave ripples. He has contributed to the development and realization of various observation technologies, thus overturning the fundamental concept of the manner in which humans perceive things.

His core technology is scattering field theory, and he continues to take on the challenge of innovating fields such as medicine, energy, infrastructure, and security.


April 2006

Research Results Deployment Program, Japan Science and Technology Agency [Advanced measurement analysis technology/device development program] Collaborative researcher (Kyoto University)

April 2008

Lecturer, Kobe University Graduate School of Science

April 2012

Associate Professor, Kobe University Graduate School of Science

April 2012

Integral Geometry Instruments LLC (currently,Integral Geometry Science(Co., Ltd.))CSO

Sept 2015

Director of our company

May 2016

Director of our company

April 2018

Kobe University Center for Mathematical and Data Science, Lecturer (current)

March 2021

Managing Director of company (current)

Noriaki Kimura

Noriaki Kimura established Integral Geometry Instruments LLC, the predecessor of the current company, with Kenjiro Kimura and others in 2012, after working as a specialist in science and technology including ultrasonic waves and radar at the Engineering Division of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

He created the world’s highest-performance radar system as a countermeasure against aging and collapse of concrete structures. In addition, he successfully developed the world’s first microwave mammography with Kenjiro Kimura, which provides a radical diagnostic method for women with difficulty in using the current breast cancer tests.


April 2007

Joint lectures between the Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering and Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. – Guest Professor

April 2012

Integral Geometry Instrument LLC (current)
Integral Geometry Science (Co., Ltd.) – Representativeemployee

Sept 2015

Established as Company Director

Oct 2015

Company Managing Director (current)

May 2016 

Kimura Foundation LLC – Representative employee (current)


Experts in technology and business development

Hiroshi Koyama

During the period when the electronics industry was initially emerging in Japan, Hiroshi Koyama worked as a frontline researcher and manager in the fields of semiconductors and electronic microscopes at Mitsubishi Electric and Japan Electric. Thereafter, he served as a member and board member in a wide variety of government and industry associations in the fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology, and he has made great efforts toward bolstering Japan’s industrial strength in a public capacity and fostering the development of future generations.

Outside Director
Takehiro Kamigama

Takehiro Kamigama served as the Managing Director at TDK for 12 years starting in 2006, and exercised leadership in strengthening the profitability of the company’s business and expanding its business domain, making them the world leader for Hard Disk Drives and lithium polymers for smartphones. With extensive management experience, he  has served as an outside director of several well-known companies.

Outside Director
Hiroaki Okahashi

While at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hiroaki Okahashi directed the revision of the “Limited Partnership Act for Investment” and related financial, tax, and corporate legislation, and he has been involved in promotion of venture companies and collaborations between industry and academia. After managing several venture companies, he became a VC and established Miyako Capital Co., Ltd. in 2013 to lead investments in the academic-based deep-tech field. He has also served on the committees of government and industry organizations and has supported a wide range of startups.

Regular Auditor
Hirohisa Uchida

Hirohisa Uchida has many academic achievements in research related to hydrogen energy, including hydrogen storage alloys, and supermagnetic materials. He has held key positions at Tokai University and other academic institutions. He is also well-acquainted with industry--academia--government (public) collaborations, technology transfer, global human resource development, and energy policy. He has served as president of the VC firm KSP Inc. Currently, he is contributing to scientific exchange in Japan in a wide range of fields.

External Auditor
Hiroyuki Misawa

Hiroyuki Misawa has been engaged in research and leadership in the life sciences field as a faculty member of the academy for seven years. In 2002, he was active during the founding of an incubation-type fund at a subsidiary of Japan Asia Investment Corporation that specializes in regenerative medicine and medical devices. Ever since, he has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to supporting startups in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences. Currently, he is involved in investment activities as a director of Miyako Capital Co., Ltd.

External Auditor
Hiroyuki Sakai

After joining Arthur Andersen, Hiroyuki Sakai served in several senior positions at KPMG AZSA & Co. Thereafter, he was appointed Chairman of KPMG AZSA & Co. and CEO of KPMG Japan from 2015 to 2019. He is currently a member of the board of auditors of The Norinchukin Bank, and he is also an active member of the management team and advisor to many startup companies.


Recent IGS Initiatives


Company Information


Company name

Integral Geometry Science Co., Ltd.

Date of establishment

April 2, 2012


1-1 Rokkaidacho, Nada-Ku, Kobe City, Hyogo
Room 109, Collaborative HQ block, Kobe University

Procured amount

Approx. 9.5B yen (cumulative Kenjiro Kimura Research Group total)

Nature of business

Manufacturing and marketing of the world's most advanced measuring instruments and software.