Legal Representative​
What You Will Do
  • Agreements with Japanese and overseas companies for procurement and sales of the microwave mammography and lithium-ion battery inspection systems​
  • Regulatory compliance and documentation in the medical/manufacturing field​
  • Initial patent-related work (includes coordination with patent attorney’s office/management of patents owned)​
  • Investment contract/stock option contract work​
Sourcing Points​
  • Legal departments of medical startups and major manufacturers​
  • Law firm with industry knowledge, including pharmaceutical know-how​
Skills Required ​
  • Understanding of legal work related to startups in the start-up phase​
  • Understanding of laws and regulations in the global medica/production fields​
Experience Required ​
  • Graduate from national and international law schools, such as graduates in LLM, J.D.​
  • 5+ years of legal experience in a startup, private company, or law firm​
Qualifications of desired candidate​
  • Capable of solving global social issues by leveraging our unparalleled technological capabilities in science and technology​
    - Lead execution of legal-related tasks to facilitate commercialization of IGS’s revolutionary technology​
  • Must enjoy change and proactively act on their own initiative ​
    - Eliminate legal-related risks for key businesses as quickly as possible while maintaining flexibility to respond to market and technological changes​
  • Develop an organization based on excellent leadership​
    - Able to utilize internal and external resources, including patent attorneys, and lead development of IGS’s legal organization​