What You Will Do​
  • Checking and correction of daily journal entries​
  • Monthly closing of accounts​
  • Quarterly and annual closing operations​
  • Preparing legal documents under the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act​
  • Creating base materials for financial reports at Shareholder’s Meetings​​
Sourcing Points​
  • Nothing in particular, but, if possible, the production industry (even better if development-type venture companies)​
Skills Required ​
  • Essential–Knowledge of accounting up to Japanese commercial bookkeeping level 3, experience in Excel to create and compile documents (up to use of simple functions, macros not required)​
  • Welcome—Japanese commercial bookkeeping level 2 or higher (Knowledge of cost accounting) , use of English for simple email-based communication, payroll knowledge, and working experience​
Experience Required
  • Practical experience in accounting at a small to medium-sized business enterprise​
  • Experience in handling grant work would be welcome.​
Qualifications of desired candidate​
  • Resolution of global social issues by leveraging our unparalleled technological capabilities in science and technology.​
    - Capable of steadily performing routine work related to accounting procedures in order to promote practical application of IGS’s cutting-edge technologies.​
  • Must enjoy change and proactively act on their own initiative
    - Enjoy the changes in market and technology and operate with patience​
  • Develop an organization based on excellent leadership
    - Able to make the accounting department more productive through careful and meticulous work, ensuring that accounting processes are ​