Business Development

BizDev Representative
What You Will Do​
  • Execute business strategies for procurement/manufacturing/marketing/sales and in-house screening in the microwave mammography business​
  • Execution of business strategies associated with procurement/manufacturing/marketing/(licensing) sales, etc. of the lithium-ion battery testing equipment business​
  • Planning new business ideas that utilize the advantages of the scattering field theory, which is our core technology​
  • Creating sales/alliance opportunities through regular communication with execution business partners​
  • Formation of a personnel organization culture, including a human resources evaluation system​
Sourcing Points​
  • Startups
  • Major manufacturers (medical devices, industrial robots, inspection devices)​
Skills Required
  • Skills in contract/commercial negotiation​
  • Global industry knowledge of diagnostic imaging medical equipment and lithium-ion batteries/industrial testing equipment​
  • Ability to create materials (PowerPoint, Word, Excel)​
  • Sufficient English language proficiency in preparing materials/presentations for negotiations with overseas companies for distributorship and sale tie-ups, and attendance at events​
Experience Required ​
  • Graduate from a Japanese or overseas graduate school (physics/chemistry/electrical engineering/life sciences/medicine, etc.); PhD preferred​
  • BizDev related work experience in an R&D startup or 5–7 years experience in a consulting firm or private company​
Qualities of Desired Candidate​
  • Resolution of global social issues by leveraging our unparalleled technological capabilities in science and technology
    - Must understand the concept of IGS’s cutting-edge technology and be able to formulate and execute management strategies as the right-hand man of the COO.​
  • Must enjoy change and proactively act on their own initiative
    - Takes lead in executing operations necessary for market development under direct COO supervision​
  • Develop an organization based on excellent leadership
    - Facilitates alliances with external partners that are essential for business promotion and lead the organization in strengthening its external collaboration functions.​